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Terraform My Heart

Similar to a new planet undiscovered, I wish to be like her
I want her to come and terraform my heart so we can be one in the same
And in my chest she can find herself a new home
For her planet has seen its day and she is in need of new life
So take me as your own and mold me in the image you so desperately seek
For history favours the bold and I… I am meek

The Game

I want to call you, but I’m told I should wait…
because coming across as eager will only tempt fate

I want to see you, but I’m told I should pause…
because moving to quickly can cause my heart to get lost.

I want to hold your hand, but I’m being told it’s too soon…
and that men should only display affection in a private room.

And with all the clauses and causes for this game…
I’m left wondering who is the winner and what do they claim.