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Read More. Write More. Be More.

Really didn’t want to write anything today, the thought of having to sitting down and form an idea was draining.  But like all muscles, the brain needs to be exercised and all habits are formed out of repetition.



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Pendant Ce Temps…

I decided to take two months off learning french and work, but while I was working I need something to keep me engaged in the french language.

As I was walking home from the school I passed an old book store and found this gem of book.

Deux Solitudes

the next challenge

Beat up, old, and hardly hanging on I decided to buy Deux Solitudes because of the reviews I heard on the program Canada Reads.  Also, I could’t help but feel that reading this book (or trying to read it in french) would be akin to sitting down and hearing an old man dit moi* about the conflict between Anglophones and Francophones in his time. I think it would also add some contexts to the perceived conflict that I see en ce moment*

There’s something about flipping through beat up old pages that have seen things that can never be replaced by an eReader.

dit moi* – tell me
en ce moment* – now/currently