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Only now as I stare through the eyes of others

Do I understand how unequivocally less I am

Their dialect; an intellectually foreign tongue

And their sentence structure,

often restructures,

the thoughts I have

Best Job Ever?


The majority of us spend 8hrs of our day working, whether it be for ourselves or for the man. We work and work and work so we can get paid, then we take the money we earn and flip it into something else so we can make our lives outside of work more enjoyable.

Yes... I'm working for the weekend!

Then we work harder and longer so we can make more money, and with more money we can do more things. We take our money and put it into houses, cars, trips, clothing, art, or vices… things we enjoy. Now there’s a select few out there that actually enjoy what they do 100%, (which is a shame because more people should) everyone else for the most part is doing something they’re good at for a decent payoff. They don’t love it but they don’t hate it, sure they could leave but the money is decent… not to mention the job security.

I’ve lived 28 years on this planet, I’ve worked in a cemetery (summer job), I’ve done telephone sales, I’ve worked fast-food (I was a Sandwich Artist), I’ve sold insurance, I’ve worked at a car dealership.  Yet the funnest job I’ve ever had was at a place called The Movie Studio. This place was gold… think Empire Records meets the movie store on Seinfeld. It was the best job I’ve ever had because I relished going into work. We had a wide range of staff that included some original and truly artistic people, we had everything from an author, a couple of band members, and a clothing designer. We had the best selection of movies, and the best customers ever.

"The HULK can't fly!!!!!"

I can remember getting into an argument with a customer because they claimed that the Hulk could fly but in actuality he just jumped really really far. Or getting into debates about who was cooler… Sting or Bono? (Clearly it’s Sting) I’ve had impromptu dance offs to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. I made customers play and beat me in rock/scissors/paper if they wanted out of their late fees. And of course made notes on all the accounts of hot girls that came into the store… “She’s hot erase her late fees” or something to that effect.

The main reason I loved that job so much is because it never felt like work, it was just a good time and the group of people I was working with were great too.

I know it’s not as easy deciding to do something different tomorrow, and I understand that job at the Movie Studio had it’s time and place. I just wish more people out there enjoyed what they did for a living, and just didn’t tolerate it for 8hrs of the day.

I hope you do what you love and love what you do…