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These Are My Confessions…

A while back I decided I was going to push the pace on my life, really kick it into high gear.  Put myself in situations that really pushed my comfort zone to the limit, and with that unreal idea in hand… 30 before 30 was born.  A list of 30 things I was going to do before I turned 30.  Then I posted it to this blog back on October 6, 2010 to keep me honest and focused.

Well, I turn 30 in just under two months and the scoreboard reads… 9/30 complete.

In theory this was a great idea but I was just waiting for things to happen on their own.  Hoping these scenarios would just come up like a carefully planned “reality” TV show. (Cause those things are never staged) Then I could write about how random and awesome my life is because I just let the universe take control. Except for the fact that you actually have to do things in order for things to happen.

So since I’m not one to quit… I’m going to up the ante, 10 more items, 10 more freaking years.

Now I just have to think of appropriate goals and actually take actions to make them possible.