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Call Me Ares

If love truly is a battlefield
If love truly is a war
Then call me Ares
For I am a one man army
And I shall wield my weapons with a ferocity that has never been seen
I will strike fear with my smile
Cripple you with my charm
And I will cut you down with a kiss
You will have no other option than to lower your defences and succumb to me
Now open your gates and let me love you

Terraform My Heart

Similar to a new planet undiscovered, I wish to be like her
I want her to come and terraform my heart so we can be one in the same
And in my chest she can find herself a new home
For her planet has seen its day and she is in need of new life
So take me as your own and mold me in the image you so desperately seek
For history favours the bold and I… I am meek