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Paper Planes

Point me in the right direction and let me go
let me feel the uncertainty as I fall
the euphoria as the wind catches and carries me

Point me to the sky and let me fly
let me glide towards the stars and the dreamers
let me try, let me try, let me try

Point me to sun and let me run
let me feel the heat of freedom as I coast
the cooling of anticipation as I slow

Just point me in the right direction and let me go

Lost In Thought

Sometimes I wonder if the vast corridors of the mind are truly a blessing…
I wonder if getting lost in the endless passageways of possibility can be detrimental to ones success.

If someone can close their eyes and enjoy the fruits of their perceived labor with the same veracity and vividness of a night terror…
Then what is the force that stirs us to step out of these grand archways?

For here, we are greatness realized but in the audience of others, our eventuality has yet to be revealed.