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I’ve had a pretty sweet August this year,  my little brother came down to visit, I went to the anime convention Otakuthon, went to Osheaga, and I got to see one of the coolest Star Wars exhibits ever.  Did I mention this all happened over the course of one weekend?  Maybe I should have started off by saying… I had a pretty sweet weekend in the beginning of August.  Here are some pictures…

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*I got to see Bloc Party, which was awesome but couldn’t take any pictures due to the madness unfolding around me.


My Time

I’ve come to this very interesting realization lately, at some point my life will seize to be mine.  I won’t have all this me time… endless hours upon hours to comb over interesting blogs and poetry in coffee shops while bobbing my head to Gary Clark Jr. I won’t be able to get lost in a good book in the park while drifting in and out of sleep.

I know I will eventually get married and I will eventually have kids, and by all accounts from the people I’ve talked to… you become the property of your children.  Now, first let me say there’s nothing wrong with that.  When that time comes I’ll clearly be ready for it and I will be ready to tackle it head on.  It will be the welcomed next stage of my life.

Till that time comes though I’ve decided to take on a little exercise.  For a couple hours a week I really own my time.  I say nothing, do nothing and I’m beholden to no one.  Only thing I am is grateful… grateful that I can shirk off anyone and everything with no real consequence.

So when I look back fondle on my late 20s and early 30s, I’ll remember I was already selfish and hoarded mass amounts of time. Which will be the catalyst I need to shrug off the pending “weight of it all” that is bearing down on me and go handle my bizznass!