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At Your Best?

When are you at your best?  This is a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot lately… What things need to be “clicking” in your life in order for you to be firing on all cylinders? It’s different for everyone, some people need to be busy and constantly engaged. Others prefer a nice slow pace, a cadence that offers enough time for reflection and down time.  I’ve been on this world for 30 years and I’m only just starting to understand what things need to be in place for me to be functioning at my best.

I think part of the grand formula has a little bit of the following..

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Careening Out of Necessity

Amidst the chaos we drift towards each other
Not because we’re right together
Not because we fit corresponding molds

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We careen out of necessity
An attempt to achieve sanity
I fall into you, you collapse on to me

We find stillness in breath
Synchronicity in thought
Harmony in intuition

My push, your pull  is comfortable
We move out of anarchy

So soyez tranquille, soyez tranquille…
But will our hearts still grasp for one another once we’re free?