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The Sisyphean Lifestyle

As he once again stood at the bottom of the huge mountain of his undertakings
He couldn’t help but feel like King Sisyphus
Only there was no rock
Just a large chip on his shoulder
And a hostile monkey on his back

Betrayed By Self

I often find myself cursing my eyes…
I ask them – why can’t they be more like my lips?
Why can’t they weave lies with the same ease?
Why must they be so transparent? Betraying me with every glance…

I often find myself cursing my voice…
I ask – why can’t you be more like my expressions?
Why can’t you be soft, calculated, and reassuring?
Why must you pitch and waver? Exposing my uncertain with your tone…

I often find myself cursing my heart…
I ask it – why can’t it be more like my brain?
Why can’t you use logic to solve your aches?
Why must you beat so incessantly? A metronome to my indecision…

And as I sit here in the wake of our words
I find I am cursing myself… because you never know what you have till it’s gone.