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Understated Luxury

I went to see a dentist the other day because I was having issues with my jaw.  He informed me that I had been grinding my teeth at night. He then proceeded to put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I had been under any stress lately. My first thought was why are you touching me, then I emphatically said no… of course not… why would I be under stress?? Moving to a new city where I have no friends, starting a new job that is essentially throwing me to the wolves… that wouldn’t be the cause of any undue “stress”.

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5 Things I’ve Learned So Far…

So I’ve been in Montreal for a month now and the city is amazing.  (It’ll be a shame if I have to leave) Here are five things I’ve learned about the city since I’ve been here.

1) The wild life isn’t scared of human contact – Squirrels, Pigeons, Raccoons… you have food, they’ll be all up on you.  Not to mention the squirrels here are the biggest I’ve seen in my life. (Maybe it’s all the human food)

2) These boots are made for walking – I didn’t have a car for a large portion of my life and I never walked any where, having said that Montreal has a culture of bikers and walkers.  I’ve never walked so much in my life, the first two weeks took a toll on my feet.

3) Outdoor living – People enjoy the outdoors, walk through any park in Montreal on a nice day and it’ll be littered with people. Reading, having a picnic, playing music, or just having a drink and catching some sun.  I lived in Edmonton which has one of the biggest green spaces for a city in Canada and I’ve never seen so many people in a park that wasn’t hosting a concert of sorts. Also pretty sure every restaurants has removable windows, pretty sweet.

4) Public drinking doesn’t make everyone drunks – You can drink walking down the street, in the park… I even saw a girl chatting to a police officer with a PRB in her hand and taking sips mid convo.  The common misconception is that if you allow public drinking people are just going to get smashed everywhere and public intoxication arrest will increase. So not the case, most of the time I see people hammered in public it’s A) a weekend outside a bar B) they’re visiting and take advantage of park drinking.

5) Redheads everywhere –  This makes me happy