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An old man walked up to me and ask ‘Why do people take pictures of buildings? What are they looking at?‘ We proceeded to have a brief ten minute conversation, and it was great. I’ve never really looked at the world through the eyes of someone who was born before cell phones. Then at the end of the conversation the most interesting thing happened… he told me that I seemed like a great guy, that I should never change, and there will be a lot of love in my future. It was the most bizarre thing, it’s almost as if that old man knew I had been dealing with an emotional situation recently, and he was there to reassure me that things were going to be okay.

It’s crazy how words from a stranger can be exactly what you need to hear.

Terraform My Heart

Similar to a new planet undiscovered, I wish to be like her
I want her to come and terraform my heart so we can be one in the same
And in my chest she can find herself a new home
For her planet has seen its day and she is in need of new life
So take me as your own and mold me in the image you so desperately seek
For history favours the bold and I… I am meek