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Pendant Ce Temps…

I decided to take two months off learning french and work, but while I was working I need something to keep me engaged in the french language.

As I was walking home from the school I passed an old book store and found this gem of book.

Deux Solitudes

the next challenge

Beat up, old, and hardly hanging on I decided to buy Deux Solitudes because of the reviews I heard on the program Canada Reads.  Also, I could’t help but feel that reading this book (or trying to read it in french) would be akin to sitting down and hearing an old man dit moi* about the conflict between Anglophones and Francophones in his time. I think it would also add some contexts to the perceived conflict that I see en ce moment*

There’s something about flipping through beat up old pages that have seen things that can never be replaced by an eReader.

dit moi* – tell me
en ce moment* – now/currently

Humble Pie

With his face askew,
he turned to the server and said…
This taste awful
To which she replied…
But it’s good for you