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Day One of Forever…

Why is it that when we embark on certain goals or task we set a limit to it?? It could be 30 days where we challenge ourselves to eat healthier or a 90 day fitness routine… why do we set an end goal?  I understand it’s good to measure results but if the results are positive, shouldn’t we just continue indefinitely?

I’m guilty of this… I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it on this blog. When I finished my challenge I returned to being my old self throwing away the hard work I’d just done for the past 30 days.  Why?? The plain truth is I wasn’t ready to give up my personal indulgences.

I’ve made a decision though, any mentally or physically healthy challenges I do going forward I will make an effort to incorporate into the rest of my existence… because it’s probably good for me.

Day 30

Day 30: A picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge.

"I call that look concentration"

1. I got out of a bad work situation

2. I’ve gotten substantially better at guitar in the last 15 days…

3. I kissed a hot girl

4. I went to Elk Island

5. I was an extra on a TV show

38 days to complete a 30 day challenge… I think that’s a win!