30 before 30

A brief list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30… in no particular order!

1.       Work at an Elephant sanctuary in India for a week

2.       Learn French

3.       Learn Spanish

4.       Learn Guitar

5.       Write a song

6.       Perform one song on open mic night

7.       Learn piano

8.       Volunteer regularly

9.       Crash a Gala Event (My fav)

10.   Take a cross Canada road trip

11.   Learn to surf

12.   Get a poem published

13.   Get a pet

14.   Participate in a photo shoot/model

15.   Attended a big music festival

16.   Make a silly YouTube video

17.   Buy a new car

18.   Go on a multiple day hiking excursion

19.   Knit a scarf and/or mitts

20.   Take an acting class

21.   Perform improve

22.   Complete a Triathlon

23.   Take a Hip-Hop dance class

24.   Spend a day shopping at garage sales

25.   Go a month without booze

26.   Become a vegetarian for a month

27.   Attend Church regularly for at least one month

28.   Give something of value away to a stranger

29.   Write a short story (min 50 pages)

30.   Throw a massive party to celebrate 30 years of life!

13 responses to “30 before 30

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  2. Love this! I’ve been working on 50 things to do in one year and so far? I am loving it! I’ve made apple pie, tried new food and quit smoking so far. And it hasn’t even been a month! Have fun with this list – that’s what it is for. Do not let it pressure you! XOXO

  3. quite interesting. I have a similar list but with 25 things…I don’t know why I love 25. I see quite a few interesting ideas here.

  4. Love this man! I’m going to have to put something similar together.

    My #1 30 before 30 though… become a snowbird and spend my winters in Costa Rica and summers here in Edmonton

  5. You had my interest @ >>> Elephant sanctuary, I am loving this 30 before 30 to-do-list.

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  7. I love the idea of this! Might have to create my own list. Great post.

  8. knitting rocks

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