Run, Run, Run… Play It Cool Boy.

So I’ve been in Montreal in about seven months now and things are finally coming together.  I’m back  in class learning french and I’m in a position to take consecutive classes. (Four month breaks in-between levels kills momentum) I’ve got a job that doesn’t pay a whole lot but it covers the bare necessities.  All this leaves me with about three hours in the morning before class, and about two hours at night after work a day to myself.

This has forced me to be more judicious with my time. When you have  five hours to send emails, write blogs, practice guitar, listen to podcasts, and prep food for the next day… you start to realize how much time you actual waste.  You also realize that you’ve allotted no time for exercise… ooops.

So thanks to a little help from @freshairboutiq I’ve decided I’ve gotta add more hours to my day.  Enter the dreaded early morning run.  I will be using the hashtag #MorningRunClub, so feel free to add me on twitter and get up eeeeerlay for morning runs.

4 responses to “Run, Run, Run… Play It Cool Boy.

  1. I think more folks should take some time to get their heart rate up. A healthy heart=longevity.

  2. I totally agree… the quote I got from Edward Stanley makes that exact point. – “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

  3. I’ve been trying to become more active, especially after all that food I ate the week of thanksgiving. Are you still doing #morningrunclub? I might have to start joining you.

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