Nearly 10,000 tweets and 150 blog posts and the feeling that my creative well was starting to dry had all but suffocated me. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks floating in and out of deliberate action, not really seizing any of the moments life had been presenting me with. I kept on saying tomorrow… I’ll write, tomorrow… I’ll do more, tomorrow… I’ll get out and see more, tomorrow… I’ll really make it happen.  Then I would roll over and float into another daydream that was more interesting than my perceived reality.

Somewhere along the way I locked my motivation in a small room with no lights and attempted to take on this life with no discernible ambition. Two and a half months into my move to Montreal and I had become conflicted. I wonder if it was because I had so much free time, and I just didn’t know what to do with myself. Lord knows I should be writing but I had convinced myself that anything conjured up by me was awful.

Then a little bright spot flickered out of no where. I came across this blog called Tanya Says and it reminded me why I liked writing in the first place. The style and content of her writing made want to write again.  I proceeded to read her whole WordPress blog and was delightfully refreshed at the end, almost like I just took a big drink of a well needed glass of cold water. (Pretty sure I liked every other post)

Now, am I going to be posting three times a week?? No… but I do feel like maybe I’m on to something.

2 responses to “Wandering…

  1. What a compliment! Thanks. This post, in turn, gives me a much needed kick in the ass. Good luck to you!

  2. No, thank you! You’re blog is intoxicatingly witty

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