Morning After: True Fiction

She didn’t plan on approaching the night with such an insouciant attitude but as she stared at the waif, fair-haired boy lying in bed beside her, it was clear that she could have exercised a little better judgment.  While she surveyed his peacefully satisfied face, memories of the nights events started to come back to her.

Normally she wouldn’t deign to sleep with someone like him, a character best described as a haphazardly amateur boy. She was usually drawn to strong men who said little, thought little, and did little.  She hated using the phrase “dumb jock” but not even Cinderella’s slipper fit as good as that idiom.  She remembered he had a barely there accent but she couldn’t pinpoint where it was from and he spelled his name Maarten instead of Martin.  Which was so cliché and typical of an eccentric artist… which he claimed to be.

“Good Morning?” he said to her as he opened one eye and caught her sizing him up. “So are we happy with our decision-making so far in 2012 or are we wishing life came with do overs?”

She could feel herself turning red and the thought clicked, she had just rang in the New Year with a complete stranger.  Hoping her face didn’t give away her state of mind she realized she’d been silent for way to long and had just been caught staring, “I’m sorry, I Just… I mean… Oh God, I’m being awkward.” She said with the cadence of a snowball picking up speed as it rolled down a hill.

“Well you’re awkwardness is appreciated, had you felt you made a mistake you probably would’ve made a quick retort and tried to get me outta here… but since you’re nervous I think drunk you and sober you have similar taste.” An elegant observation he made while concocting an endearing half smile-half smirk.

I was at this moment that she remembered that it was his slightly cocky attitude that eventually won her over, but before she could fire back with a witty statement of her own.

“What are you doing today?” he asked, “I’ve got nothing going on and I could really go for some pie… Lemon Meringue pie to be specific”

“I don’t think they you can get that, this early.” A statement she feared came across as a question rather than fact.

“Oh, I know… I was wondering if you felt like making one… with me… today… more specifically… this morning”

A void of silence filled the room as the awkward tension hit a new high.  Her thoughts raced as she tried to find an appropriate answer, weighing the pros and cons of the situation.  Usually when a guy wakes up in the morning they’re interested in more sex, but this situation had proven to be a first. If she did spend the morning with him, and got to know him… it’ll feel a lot less like a one nightstand.  On the other hand… it was just weird.

“You’re doing it again,” he said while looking at her oddly concerned, “You’re overthinking and not answering my question.  I get that it’s a little weird that a complete stranger wants to get to know you after spending the night together, but I’ll feel less like a sleazy bag if I actually have a decent conversation with you… and really, what’s more intimate than pie.”

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