a man… alone

I love you and I don’t know why
you stole my heart
you made me cry.

I feel you in every breath I take
your face crosses every thought I make.

You’re a soft, subtle killer… you seek and destroy
but please set me free I’m not your toy.

I’m not strong enough to leave your side
so why have you tightened your grip…
do you want me to die?

I know harms not your intent but I’m fading now
you’re all I want and resent
oh how this pains me…

If we keep this up, you know I’m not going to make it
yet you still syphon every breath
so go ahead…
take it!

Take all my hopes! Take all my dreams!
Take all my love! Take all these things!

You’ll leave me hallow, you’ll leave me bare
but you never wanted me
you never cared.

Let me gather the dust of my broken bones
or let me drift in the wind…
a man…

8 responses to “a man… alone

  1. wow i liked this alot 🙂 especially the way you made the lines flow 🙂

  2. This is what I am going through now… So touching…Made my eyes wet…
    Beautiful and heart touching poem….

  3. I’m guessing this is either about me or possibly the little red beast you used to call a car.

  4. Beautifully written… thanks for sharing!

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