Weekend Doc

I’ve always found it interesting how people could watch a documentary and in one hour or so totally change their world view.  I like a good documentary as much as the next guy, I almost cried during The Cove and was rattled for some time after watching it… but lets get real.  People who buy-in instantly rarely last…

This past weekend I had a lazy weekend with @Rh3mA and we decided to go on a Documentary rampage… I’ve done this before with movies.

1) More Than A Game – Not a huge fan of LeBron James but this was an decent doc, it was good to see the team come together at the end.  Although the most interesting thing about this doc was how one article in Sports Illustrated basically catapulted LeBron to superstar status.


2) Ungaurded – Keeping with Sports we watched ESPN Films documentary on Chris Herren, a phenomenally talented athlete with an addiction problem.  It was crazy how great he played when he was high, and you couldn’t help but wonder how great he could have been if it wasn’t for his disease.


3) Inside Job – Probably one of the most upsetting documentaries I’ve watched in a while.  I think I’ve seen this one four times, but still the same response every time.  It’s very frustrating watching the current broken financial system in place, and then seeing all the people that profited from this monetary game of musical chairs get richer… disturbing.  I am glad that this documentary won an Oscar, I believed it deserved to get some recognition.


4) Thrive – You gotta sit through some pretty “out there” dialogue, but hey… maybe its right up your alley.  Although a very informative documentary about topics such as free energy and global politics, it had a distinct conspiracy theory feel to it.  The production doesn’t help either… during the first 30mins I felt like there was some mild brainwashing going on. It’s tagged as an unconventional documentary and that’s exactly what it is.


5) Forks over Knives – Solid documentary, some staggering facts about diet and how it relates to heart attacks and cancer.  To think some people reversed damage to their bodies and even got off a potpourri of medications is amazing.  You’d think that it be front and center news on how we can cut our own personal healthcare cost, and in turn the healthcare cost of a nation… but that’s way to easy and not profitable.


6) Food Inc – Tough to watch… one way to describe this documentary.  As I get older I turn into more of baby when it comes to violence and death on screen, and some of the ways the animals were being treated and killed… deplorable.  Definitely had a visceral response to this documentary, and it also highlighted the Oligarchic power that the major food producers in the USA have.


7) The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – The coolest part of this documentary was seeing San Paulo, Brazil, one of the worlds largest cities and their ban on outdoor door advertising.  I think it would be amazing to live in a place with no billboards, no posters, no taxi or bus ads. Just urban architecture and green space for days… no retinal pollution.


At the end of the day every documentary is one side to a double sided coin, it’s great information and if that information lines itself up with your personal beliefs then you can use it as a tipping point for action.

*Not for nothing but I did end up getting sick on Monday and I couldn’t help but think… “I wonder if the fact I ate like crap over the weekend had anything to do it?

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