Home (re)Grown Vol. 4

Moving home has done a couple interesting things to me, one of them is making me revisit the music of my teens. I really didn’t have lots to be “angsty” about from age 13 – 19, but if you ask my siblings I was one sensitive kid.  Always brooding and letting something fester… and I’ll be honest some of that sensitivity still lingers around but that’s neither here nor there.

The point of this post is the awesome playlists I used when I needed to dig deep or reflect.  Kids now-a-days don’t know anything about real emotional music… “back in my day music meant something.” (I think I aged 5 years from that comment) So I give you some bands I leaned on heavily as a teen when I thought the world was soooooo hard.

1) Rage Against The Machine: If there was a better band out there… I’ve yet to hear them.  The combination of Zack de la Roche and Tom Morello was magic.  I admit I’ve never been one to listen to a whole cd, I usually gravitate to a couple key tracks. Then one day in high school someone gave me the Evil Empire album and it was over. I still remember channeling my inner Zack and raging along to “Tire Me” infront of my older brother… he was so confused.  But how could you not love the poetic hip-hop aggression belted out over every head-rocking guitar riff… every track was pure emotion.

2)Wu-Tang Clan: “Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu-Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?…”  (From – Bring Da Ruckus off 36 Chambers)

A group of hip-hop misfits, spitting lyrical brain candy over beats created by the RZA??? Yes please!  Countless hours were spent playing basketball while blasting  the Enter the Wu-Tang and Wu-Tang Forever Albums. Every member had a purpose and they’d come together like Voltron to form the ultimate rap group.

3) R.E.M.: Technically a little before my time but I found could relate to the beautifully troubled voice of Michael Stipe.  A great band, I think everyone has a favorite R.E.M. song. I spent a lot of time reflecting as a kid and R.E.M. was the soundtrack to those introspective times… lights out listening to E-Bow the letter or The One I Love was a regular occurrence.


4) Nirvana: In Bloom by far my favorite Nirvana song… I always found it weird because I found a peaceful balance when I listend to Nirvana. (So cliche given the name of the band and what I just wrote… but it’s true) When I wanted to shut the world out… When I wasn’t raging or feeling like I needed to reflect, I would go on a ride with Mr. Cobain.


What songs take you back??

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