Lights, Camera… F###!!!

Decided to start off 2012 with something different, I have a feeling this year is going to be a creative explosion.

Late last year my brother-in-law came to me asked me to help him on his album. (The fact that I’m critical about everything gives people the impression that I know a) better b) what I’m doing… which is false.)  So anyways, he sent me 18 tracks he wanted to be on his third album… after some discussion we managed to trim it down to 11.

Next up he asked me to shoot a short video for him, he wanted a gritty work out video.  We developed a concept and shot most of it in two hrs…  at one location.  It went pretty well, apart from forgetting to press record a couple times, getting shaky hands, and being totally unacquainted with the camera.  You see I thought the hard part was going to be shooting it, then I started the editing process and want to bash my head against the wall repeatedly.  First I loved it, then I hated it, then I told myself I sucked, then I was tired and confused, then I reshoot a couple scenes and settled on this realization… I’m not Steven F. Spielberg, so chill the hell out.

Overal it was a fun experience… tons of lows, some highs, and I’m happy I took part.  With out further ado… here’s the video.

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