Reflecting on 2011

When this year kicked-off I remember sitting with a friend of mine and talking about the distinct feeling I had about how crazy this year was going to be… I self dubbed it the “Year of Insanity”.

I started the year off feeling great after coming off a fairly decent 2010 but  then the insanity kicked in. Things went a little sideways on the job front and that had a massive impact on the rest of my life.  Had a confusing “friendship/I don’t know what’s going between us” thing with a close friend.  Decided to relocate my life to Montreal for a while but not before a brief pit stop home. (currently pit stopped)

So what did 2011 teach me?? It taught me that whatever we go through, whatever the situation… we are far more resilient than we think we are.  It also taught me that sometimes you just gotta take a leap and see what happens… which was the whole premise behind this blog business in the first place.

Maybe problems and hard times are just the worlds way of reminding us about the little things in life we already know but often forget.

So all I have to say to 2012…

*P.S. I just hit a car… I love 2011!

7 responses to “Reflecting on 2011

  1. My 2011 was pretty rough, emotionally, but pretty good, academically. Like you, I also discovered a resilience that strengthened me. And hey, Montreal is still only a flight away … will you be there in 2012? What’s a year, anyway, but a collection of a few days? 😉

  2. Maybe 2012 is “Return of the Jac”, we did just get a “La Poutine” – that is pretty much like Montreal!

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  4. “t taught me that whatever we go through, whatever the situation… we are far more resilient than we think we are.”
    So true. I found this out more about myself in 2010 and 2011 than ever before. I have a strooong feeling that 2012 is going to rock — for both of us!

  5. Hey there stranger! Montreal huh? When is that move happening – or has it already? Ry and I will be there this weekend! At the very least after your move you will have to come visit – we’re less than 2 hours away!!!!

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