Hmmmm… I lied

Back in March of 2010 I wrote the following on one of my blog post “I’m making a conscience effort to stop wasting money on cell phones… right after I get the Xperia X10.  That will be my last phone till my 30th birthday, unless it breaks”

Well I’m roughly 10 months away from my 30th birthday and the hunt has started.  My phone for the most part isn’t broken, I’m just having some annoying issues with the battery life.  I have my eyes set on the HTC Raider…








Now, I’ve been getting flack from the usual iPhone pundits but I will never succumb to their pressure.

If using a “fork” to eat “soup” is wrong and inefficient, I don’t want to be right… that or I’ll use a spork but never a spoon. (If you’re lost… Spoons are iPhones because they’re allegedly superior and Android devices are forks. Whats a spork?? I think it’s an HTC Raider)

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