Home (re)Grown Vol. 3

It’s funny how quickly the grind of monotony can wear you down, and over the last couple weeks it has caused me to slip into auto-pilot mode.

One of my reasons for moving home apart from saving money, was to accomplish some personal goals free of distraction.  Yet since I’ve been back I’ve found myself unable to engage in any of the task I’ve laid out for myself.  I feel like a diluted version of myself because this isn’t my home and I haven’t been able to feel comfortable… everything is nostalgically foreign.  Faces are the same but different, places are similar to what I remember but not familiar.  The conversations are generic and the exact opposite of thought provoking.

I find myself wanting to press the fast forward button on my life, it feels like this is the slow part of the movie and in all honesty it’s boring the hell out of me.  Alas we don’t have the ability to do that… (Where’s Christopher Walken and his remote control when you need him)

The simple answer would be to submerge myself in the projects I’ve set out accomplish but as one of my favorite songs puts it… “the landscape of inspiration is so bare” (Thornley – Bright side)

"What now??"

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