There’s catharsis in the words I feel

I prick myself with verbs to know this life’s real

Image by Mohzart

For me, writing is therapeutic… it’s the new form of bloodletting

These emotions ooze out of my soul… almost as if my loves sweating

Almost as if my pain is laughing…

Almost as if my hate is crying…

My tears attempt to write these prose but the process is often trying

So as I perform this emotional venesection and spill my piece

The room grows dark and I slowly find my release

I’ll dance in and out of your consciousness at a rhythmic pace

As the substance of the man that I am is transposed to your time & your place…

5 responses to “Bloodletting

  1. ahhh, words… they just have a way of healing it seems. thanks for this beautiful piece… your writing touches me.

  2. I really like the line “I prick myself with verbs…” and the ones that assign actions to feelings. Nice work!

  3. I really like this. Such a beautiful description of the way that writing is sometimes the only way to fix yourself.
    Beautiful use of words.

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