Home (re)Grown Vol. 2

So every time you make decision, there’s that moment of trepidation… the moment when you second guess yourself.  Sometimes that moment is as brief as a whisper and it comes and goes as quickly as a breeze.  Other times that moment is as loud as a jackhammer being operated on your soul by your subconscious and you can’t shake it… no matter how hard you try.

When I made the decision to move home, I found myself somewhere in the middle.  The night of my going away party I got royally smashed, but I still found myself saddend by the fact that I wasn’t going to see a lot of these faces for a long time.  Sure we’d communicate but it wouldn’t be the same… shenanigans and hi-jinks aren’t the same over email, text, twitter, and Facebook.

As I bubbled with self doubt underneath my drunk exterior, I got the most amazing sign that I was making the right move.  It came to me in the form of a present from my good friend over KJR over at Karrot-Juice.  She painted me a picture and wrote me a letter… both brought instant validation to my decision.  The picture was enough to motivate me to head strongly in my new direction but the actual words in the letter she wrote melted away any second thoughts I might have had.

She said the painting was initially inspired from my poetry and had evolved over time giving birth to various city landscapes.  All of which took place before she knew I was going to be making a trek out east.  The letter was deep and profound and just corny enough… perfect in every way.

Every morning I make sure this is one of the first things I look at… to remind myself of the path I’m on.

"City scapes that represent where I am and where I'm going to be"

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