The Possibility of Forever: True Fiction

Their vacation had drawn to a close and the three weeks they had spent on a boat with friends was indicative of their relationship.  There was fighting, there was tears, there was silence, and there was passion.  It was the perfect combination of intoxicating bliss and suffocating disdain.

He found himself wondering how long they could last on the dreadfully long ride without getting into an argument.  Over the course of the trip their trivial tit for tat arguments seemed to morph into their own secret way of communicating.   Or maybe he lucked out and they’d partied to hard to fight… maybe they’d just ride in the silence of exhaustion.

They hadn’t been on the road fours hours when the most unlikely thing happened.  He turned and looked at his girlfriend who had fallen asleep in the passengers side and stumbled into something beautiful.  Even now when he tries to recall what made that moment happen, he doesn’t know where to begin.  He had spent the whole four hours of the trip in a tired, tumultuous state but as he gazed upon her sleeping peacefully… he let everything go.  It was almost like the warmth radiating from her enveloped him and rescued him from the strife he was feeling.

Her brown hair was lit up perfectly by the setting sun and it felt like the suns only purpose in this instance was to amplify her beauty.  Like the star itself was there solely to remind him how lucky he was to have a women as enchanting as her by his side.  Her face was shrouded in an innocence and calmness that is usually reserved for a child who feels the love of their protective parents.  Almost like she knew as long as he was there, she would be safe… and that look possessed him, he knew he had to do whatever he could to make sure she’d never know pain again.

He wasn’t sad but for some reason his eyes started to well up, almost as if the emotion of the moment was to much to bear. Between the look of serenity on her face and Cat Steven’s Moonshadow playing in the background… he never wanted this moment to end.

He had found his version of nirvana, a concept he never truly believed in till he found this tangible form of love.

He had found the possibility of forever in that moment.

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