Cloudy Bed

It’s a rainy day
So let me bask in the sunlight of your skin
Shut the door lets attempt to keep our secret hidden
In my head replay what we just did

As the raindrops fall
I’m lost in the madness of it all
Lie still, breath deep, exchange no words
Soft kisses, empties wishes become our verbs

It’s time we talk
We spent hours jostling with our thoughts
I say were fine, you know I’m lying, I think your gone
Checked out, moved passed, are marching on…

But I don’t want to leave the comfort of this place
Cause it’s a cold hard world that I have to face
And I won’t lie so let the truth be known
You gave this heart a temporary home
And it needs you…
Ohhhh, how it needs you…

2 responses to “Cloudy Bed

  1. This is good… I can’t wait to hear it…!!

  2. Beautifully written.
    Hope you like my poems. 🙂

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