Home (re)Grown Vol. 1

A lot can happen in a month…  I got fired from my most recent job mid-August.  It was a blessing in disguise because I had fallen out of love with my position and upper management.  So I started the process of picking up the pieces and tried to find something new.  The goal was to find a decent paying job that would allow me to meet all my financial obligations as well have a comfortable social life.

Fortunately days turned into weeks, then weeks turned into self-loathing and contempt.  Till I stopped fighting it… You see I’ve always railed against this feeling I’ve had to just head in a new direction.  I’ve always tried to do the “grown up” thing, get a condo, get a girl, start a family… this is the life I had set out for myself. (In my head)  The beauty of the weeks of downtime I had inauspiciously fallen into, was that I was able to realize I’m free to do whatever I want.

So within a weeks time I had found a renter for my condo and decided to move home to work and save some money.  The plan is to have no plan.  Step One: Save some money… Step Two: Live in Montreal for a bit… then who knows. Just going to see where life takes me for the next year.

One of my favorite songs right now is Musical Chairs by Fair To Midland, and the hook goes like this… “It makes you wonder, if shooting for stars is like darts in the dark… It makes you wonder, if the beaten path is the promise land.

Over the next year or so I intend to find out…

3 responses to “Home (re)Grown Vol. 1

  1. Beautiful photograph.

  2. good luck : )

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