Light vs. Dark

Darkness illuminates my world and what used to be the voices of loved ones calling out to me has now been replaced with the ka of vultures.

They circle

A valiant stand against the one I feared the most but unfortunately his resolute eyes of depression proved too strong and I cracked underneath the incessant force of his reality.

I failed

Well wishes and positive sentiments were the only weapons I had, not self-equipped but lent to me from the tongues of others.

They lied

It didn’t get better, every passing day seemed to provide the battlefield with more casualties… first happiness, then confidence, and now optimism.

We mourn

As I look up at the enemy that vaguely resembles me, I see he’s preparing to deliver the final blow. A kill shot that will destroy what’s left of the light in this fragile mind and plunge it into darkness.

He cuts

4 responses to “Light vs. Dark

  1. Very contemporary approach!

  2. Slam-worthy! I could hear you slammin this in my mind.

  3. This is fantastic! I love it!

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