Day 29

Day 29: Who is your hero?

So I’m not sure if this is sad or normal… but I don’t have a hero.

I don’t have someone who inspires me or someone I want to be like.  Sure I find inspiration in some facets of people but never a whole persons body of work.  There is no one that I want to model my life after.  Sure there are parts of people’s lives that I’d like to follow, but again never the person on a whole.  Isn’t that what a hero is???  Someone who we love wholly and aspire to be like… someone who motivates us to be better?

Not to sound pretentious but I tend to internalize my growth, so first and foremost I make sure I want to be better for me.  Then it’s the usual external factors… friends, family, women, work.  I don’t look outwards for motivation to be a better person, but to deny that there are some external forces at play would be a lie.

So I don’t have a hero but I see amazing qualities in people around me, and that help me validate the path of self-growth I’ve chosen for myself.


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