Day 25

Day 25: Something you are looking forward to.

The feeling of accomplishment when I finish doing something that makes me nervous.  The moment when a goal and success meet and you exhale a deep breath.  For me that time is going to come fairly soon because I have to participate in the poetry slam finals being put on by the Breath In Poetry Collective in September.  I made a couple of mistakes in the first round and after much deliberation I’m excited to go back and correct the errors I made before.

The other moment I’m looking forward to is the moment I strum the last string on my open mic night.  That moment will be extremely comforting because I would have accomplished a major goal of mine.

5 responses to “Day 25

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  2. poetry slam finals… wow. that is exciting – so not a possibility here in lil old Adelaide : ) good luck!

  3. Lol. The spiders? All of them?

  4. Been meaning to say I’m glad to hear you’ll be attending the finals after all. Make them feel every beautiful word.

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