Day 19

Day 19: Things you want to say to an ex.

Not sure what needs to be said, me and my ex have a really good relationship.  Everything I’ve wanted to say to her I have… I’ve apologize for the way I treated her.  I thanked her for helping me become the man I am today, the hot coals that were our relationship melted the tempered steel that was me and molded me into a better person.

I guess if I had to say something I’d say “I hope your happy and getting everything you possible wanted out of life because I think you deserve it”.  Our relationship was one of bad timing, we were (me more so than her) both immature kids.  I believe had we met now and not had our complicated history, we could have worked.  But like I’ve said on this blog before… that’s the catch 22 for I only grew into this person because I broke her heart and realized I never wanted to do that to another human being again.

2 responses to “Day 19

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  2. I love this. The honesty’s beautiful, but it’s also so true about everything that happens in our lives. Like you said, melting the steel into something better. Love it.

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