Day 18

Day 18: Something you miss.


I miss my home and my family.  I have a fairly larger extended family back in Winnipeg and when were all together it’s a cornucopia of laughter and good times.

I wanted to make a name for myself, stand on my own two feet.  Not be known as the sports stars brother… have people know me for me.  Do I love the life I’ve made for myself out here in Alberta, of course I do.  I’ve got a great network of friends, and I’ve learned a ton.  I do wish I could go home more often and see my sisters two baby girls grow, I always wanted to be the cool uncle that would spoil them and shower them with gifts.  I miss my parents, my crazy little brother and my 100% go-go-go older sister.  I miss seeing my older brother when he drops in to Winnipeg for a visit.  I miss crazy parties with my brother in-laws family.  I miss the times spent in silence when no words are spoken… I miss the times of chaos when laughter and excitement echoes through the halls.

4 responses to “Day 18

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  2. 100% go-go-go?? interesting. very interesting….

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