Day 15

Day 15: Death row meal.

I love so many different types of food, is it possible to go to a buffet for an hour before I die??

(P.S. – Don’t judge… I’m about to die remember)


Teriyaki Wings / Garlic Shrimp / Nachos / Fries

Main Course

My Mom’s homemade lasagna w/ a side of her fried chicken


Cherry Cheesecake

So by the sounds of it, I’d eat myself into a food coma and stay the execution… during which time some relevant information will come forward exonerating me of my crime… leaving me a free man once I awake from my gluttonous stupor!

I fought the law and I won!!!

5 responses to “Day 15

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  2. HAHA! You eat exactly like I do!


  3. Ohhh no, I hope you’re not a serial killer. But let’s see, Dessert first! Blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream. A small fruit tart. A piece of cheesecake. Appetizers: Bread, egg rolls, cream cheese won-tons with plum sauce, clam chowder from Mo’s. Salad. Dinner: Ravioli with Alfredo sauce, Ravioli with marinara sauce, Ravioli with meat sauce, orange chicken, STEAK cooked extra well done ohhhh and Lobster ravioli. Apple pork chops. Happiness. That’s about it. HAHA, how do you feel about asking me that now?

  4. A) You had me at Cream Cheese Won-Tons with Plum Sauce
    B) You have an insatiable love for Ravioli…

    You’ll definitely be eating yourself into a food coma… I like your style

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