Day 10

Day 10: Something you’re afraid of.

I’m afraid that I’ll never become the man I think I should be.  I have this standard I set for myself, and I know the expectations might be ridiculous.  Yet I hold myself to this somewhat unattainable goal.  Part of me thinks it’s good to hold yourself to a higher standard then others hold you.  The problem is I’m particularly hard on myself, which makes this whole concept of reaching my goals a tasking journey.  I ended up beating myself up for my short comings or failures.

As I grow and get older I’m learning more and more about myself, and I understand that I’m imperfectly perfect…  So I’m trying to strive for greatness but without giving myself 40 lashes.

2 responses to “Day 10

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  2. Meh. Perfection is sooooo over-rated….because who’s defining it anyway? After you hit the big “30” (I’m a few decades past it) this will be less of an issue. Although if you really are a PK, as my sweetie is, you were raised with some seriously huge expectations of your behavior. That might be part of it.

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