Day 6

Day 6: Pet peeves.

Pet peeves… I don’t even know where to start with this one.  I have so many little things that bug me, but the moment I sat down to write this… I went blank!

1. Slow drivers – People who drive ridiculously slow for no reason.  You can always tell if a person is lost or looking for directions because then they stop frequently and are constantly looking at signs.  It’s the people who are just driving slow for now good reason.  We’ve all come across them and they function on different clock than the rest of us.  These people drive me insane… Sure I might not be in a hurry to get somewhere but that also doesn’t mean you need to go 40 km/h.

2. Bailout Folk – These are people who do or say a certain thing, but then follow it up with a phrase that they believe exonerates them from their action.  For instance, people who pass gas in public and drop an… “Excuse Me.”  This is the worst, you just soiled the air with your fowl stench and now you think it’s all good because you said excuse me.  It’s not all good, I’m still stuck smelling your nastiness.  You should have said, “Excuse me” removed yourself from the room… fart’d… then come back and sit down.

Also in this category… people who insult you then say “No Offense”

3. Out of Control Kids – My parents ruled the coop with an iron fist, their word was law.  When we went out, my parents would tell us to act civil and if we didn’t we’d be in for a world of pain.  So I always find it a touch annoying when I see kids just owning their parents.  Little Johnny isn’t happy with his iPad and his PSP, he now want’s to play with is sisters Nintendo DS… and to prove his point he’s going to go into rage mode.  He’s yelling and screaming, and his parents who are genuinely embarrassed are doing nothing but trying to reason with him.  You don’t reason with kids, they’re kids… you tell them whats going on.

Another thing too… why are all these kids wearing the headphones when their out with their families??  And we wonder why people can communicate with each other.

4. TMI Facebook Users – I like to update my status as much as anyone, and I love to be cryptic. (Don’t judge)  So I know on the scale of Facebook status updaters, I annoy some people.  Then we have people who love to share everything… Yes I understand you saw your dog get mauled by two German Sheppard, yes I understand it traumatized your kids, I’m sorry you had to put him down.  I just don’t think posting picture of your dog is necessary, and honestly detailing the whole ordeal in a series of status updates probably isn’t helping you move on.

Also… the people who post every single picture of their new child on Facebook… c’mon son #GTFOHWTBS!  We’re going to have a whole nation of kids with “Nirvana Cover Baby Syndrome”… We remember Spencer Elden from the infamous Nevermind album cover.

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