Daily Archives: July 22, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: Your parents.

What can I say about my folks… words won’t do them justice because the level of importance they play in my life is off the charts.

My dad is was a pastor and we moved to Canada so he could start a ministry.  He is the strong silent type and a little quirky… I remember he used to always answer the phone by saying “Salutations”.  Also I’m pretty sure I got my chronic overthinking from him, because even though he didn’t say lots I know he was definitely analyzing everything. On a more serious note, I learned a lot from my Dad.  Respect, hard work, personal ethics are some of the few things that come to mind off the hop.  Always lending a helping to the less fortunate, he recently got inducted to the Order of Manitoba for his community work.

My mom on the other hand is the opposite in the sense that she is bubbly and loves to talk.  Never one to shy away from a conversation and discuss feelings, I definitely get my creativity and emotional wealth from her.  I remember as a kid we’d sit down and drink coffee and just chat. (I always wanted to be an adult growing up, so she let me drink coffee every once in a while) About nothing or about everything, we could pass time engaged in great conversation.  I’d like to think that’s how I developed my ability to be a great sounding board for friends.

I still remember what my dad said to me when he dropped me off at the small college in Alberta I was attending. “Always make sure you increase your circle of influence.” Which in essence meant treat everyone with respect and they’ll respect you in return.

I’m a product of my parents but I’ve been forged into a man by my own experiences… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.