Day 2

Day 2: Nicknames.

So I’ve had a plethora of nicknames growing up, I’ll only give you the interesting ones. (Turn isn’t my real first name)

E and Eman – Are the most common nicknames and someone inevitably makes a He-Man reference when they first meet me.

Manny – Second most common, hated it growing up

Manny Fresh – only my buddy Mike J calls me this

Mowgli – made the mistake of telling people my middle name and they couldn’t pronounce it so they called me Mowgli because it sounded close.

Eman-cipation – this girl I had a crush on called me this because I was a free spirit and my name reminded her of the emancipation proclamation.

Ms. Eman-dependent – Serves me right for signing Kelly Clarkson’s Ms. Independent when I was working on an all guy grounds crew. (Whatever happened to Kelly Clarkson?)

Mandy – Stoner skater kids called me this in high school

E-Bear – another high school classic, because I was cute and cuddly like a bear

E-Bus or E-Money – My older brother still calls me this

Kid – My little brother uses this one for me

Mumbles – Coaches/teammates/teachers/friends called me this for the majority of my high school life (In actuality it only made my mumbling/lisp worse)

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