Friends of Mine – Part 2

But Turn, I’m always there for my friends and they never return the favor when I need them. What do you do when you’re in a situation like the one stated above??

The simple answer is to cut bait and walk away from the friendship because clearly the other person doesn’t appreciate what you have. (Wait… that was too easy) In all seriousness I caution anyone to exhaust all possibilities before they get to the point of walking away from a friendship.

So again… what do you do? I think the first thing we need to do in a situation like this is refrain from comparing. (I do XYZ for them and they don’t do XYZ for me) Well for starters they aren’t you, so when people do this sort of compare and contrast they aren’t comparing apples to apples. For example, just because we show appreciation one-way, it doesn’t necessarily mean our friends show it the same way. Fact of the matter is, as a good friend you should be able to recognize the strengths and weakness of your individual friends and act accordingly.

If there is a blatantly level of disrespect towards you I can understand why one would consider walking away from a situation. Or as I said in the comments last week “I think if your caring and worry for other people starts to become detrimental to your own happiness… then you have to reevaluate”

Those are the only circumstances I think you can walk away from a situation and still think to yourself “I did the best I could“.

One response to “Friends of Mine – Part 2

  1. Kristin Brænne

    Stay excellent!

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