My Own Worst Enemy

They say you reap what you sow
But I tend to reap what I know
And I’m getting sick and tired of this tumultuous soul

Experienced ups and downs
I know the highs and lows
But battling old habits like addicts incites a hefty toll

Still I go at it alone
And gnaw my thoughts to the bone
A self carnivorous beast, in my destruction there’s peace

With these four walls and my fists
I beat myself to a mist
And after the requisite beating, I sleep with a lot less feeling

Till I slip on my mask
A new day, a new task
Armed with a smile and sympathy, you’ll rarely see the real me

Behind the mask

Update: Felt like this was appropriate


3 responses to “My Own Worst Enemy

  1. Wow.Good poem, it describes how i feel/am alot of the time.

  2. yes… well put : )

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