Monthly Archives: June 2011


And when all that remains is the truth I hope you find yourself
I hope in that moment you realize your self-worth
Regardless of the road we choose we are changed by revelations
And we either build from them or we retreat into lies
In the lies we look to find a sense of the before
We know we can never unlearn the new knowledge but we still try
And the truth will never set you free if you wish to be caged
So seek the truth and seek to be reborn if you are able
Trust your instincts and react with your heart when things are unstable
In moments when walls crumble these two things are all we have
And they will guide you back to your true self


Lovely Tones

The tables are turned
The lessons been learned
And I sit here with the pieces

I gave up my arms
I didn’t mean harm
But the damage has been overreaching

I look at your face
blessed with poetic grace
And wonder why I couldn’t find the reason

Skin and bones
With lovely tones
The harmony of alabaster and perfection

If you call, should I come?
If you fall, should I run?
And catch you before the dawn of reality sinks in

Say how you feel
In time you’ll heal
As you deconstruct your confusion

Rain in the eyes
As you look to the skies
Searching for peace in resolution