Friends of Mine – Part 1

In the boxing match of life we have to ask ourselves… who’s in my corner??

When things in your life get hairy who’s going to be there for you??  We need a lot of things in life but as I get older I believe there’s one thing we need most… a strong support system.  We need solid people that we can rely on.

I’d like to think of myself as a good friend, I listen first and react second. I’ll make myself available for a friend going through a tough time.  I know when to be critical and I know when to give encouragement.  I don’t judge and I don’t compare.   I’ve grown a lot but I wasn’t always there for people when they needed me to be.  If you would have taken my old friendships and put them on scale, they would lean heavily to one side… my side.

I think a good friend, like a good significant other, is someone you know will always be in the trenches with you… regardless of the situation.  If you’ve lost your way, they’re a guiding light.  If you need to speak, they lend you their ears.  If you need to cry, they’ll lend you their shoulder.  The last thing anyone in this world wants is to feel is alone, it’s a horrible feeling and that hopelessness can be debilitating.

Some people will be there for you when I go through tough times and some will exit stage left.  When you have a great support system it truly is a beautiful world.

Oh, all that I know
There’s nothing here to run from,
Cause yeah, everybody here’s got somebody to lean on.” Coldplay – Don’t Panic

All relationships require balance

If you were to categorically go through your relationships and place them on a scale… would it come out even?  Would it show that you tend to do all the taking and give minimal in return??  Or do you overextend yourself trying to please everyone around you at your own expense?

Next Up: Friends of mine – Part 2
But Turn, I’m always there for my friends and they never return the favor when I need them.

3 responses to “Friends of Mine – Part 1

  1. I feel as if im in the same boat. Sometimes i think im too nice of a person, always worrying about other people and how i can help them, though never receiving the same assitance in return. Though thats not why i do what i do, i do it because i think it is right and it is who i am.

    • That’s always a tough situation. I think if your caring and worry for other people starts to become detrimental to your own happiness… then you have to reevaluate

  2. yes true, though at this point i feel joy in my efforts to help others, so i think im good(:

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