Chasing a Ghost

I thought I was chasing what I wanted most
But I was really just chasing a ghost
A thought, an ideal, yet in the beginning it was all so real

I used my heart as my flashlight,
And it guided me through the night
It guided me to your soul, and although it was brief I felt so whole

Through untraveled emotional pathways
I sat and waited for you for days
Your sporadic perception of we, gave birth to a paralyzing infection in me

I still find you every once in a while
Lord knows you still taunt me with your smile
You’re the ghost of something more, a damned feeling I can’t ignore

But this chase has grown old
Like an old wives tale over told
So as I lay this quest to rest, your weight gets lifted off my chest

2 responses to “Chasing a Ghost

  1. Love it. Really felt it. Bravo!

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