The rain tip-toes on the twisted wreckage, hissing as it makes contact with the exposed engine. He always thought he had an idea of how things would play out.  He figured he’d die after a full rich life or at least his life would flash before his eyes but that wasn’t the case.  His body was quivering and he felt himself yearning for pain, something, anything to replace the sinking feeling that was slow consuming him.  Dark, dank, and alone he thought to himself, his closest friend was the intermittent spark that would leap out from the engine block.

(His head dips only to snap back up like a marionette being controlled by a string)

Still no pain…  he cautiously notes to himself while catching a glimpse of his body in a shard of glass.  How could I lose control…  How did I let this happenThis isn’t supposed to happen to me… the contempt he has for himself grows as he reflects on the perfect marriage of twisted steel and flesh he used to call his body.  It was  as if a child was attempting to mix two types of play-doh together.

(The time between his brief dips in and out of consciousness begins to grow)

No, no, no… he pleads to himself. Someone has to be coming…  although he remembers he didn’t see another car the whole drive. Not here, not like this he still had so much to do.  His eyes well up as he starts to realize there’s a possibility that he’s going to leave so much unfinished.  You never talked to your family enoughYou never expressed to your friends how much you appreciated themself-criticism, a truly nasty side effect of his current disposition.

(His head dips and struggles to return to it’s former position)

No, hold on… Help is coming… he mentally chants to himself, a reassuring mantra that he plays over in his head.  The gravity of the crash now pales in comparison to the sadness he feels for his life that will most likely go unfinished.  Images of friends and family he never said goodbye to now haunt him, their smiles are so real its almost as if he can touch them.  What will they think?? Will they forget me?? Did they know how I felt about them?? When he imagined his mortality he never thought he’d have so many questions.

(His head slowly comes to rest , his breathing slows)

An image of a beautiful girl now occupies what remains of his time.   At first he thought it was an angel but she is reminiscent of a girl he loves.  I’m sorry I can’t be there for youwords he wishes he could say to her.  He imagines their life together, the wedding, trips, kids, growing old.  Ironically it’s the life he never had that flashes before his eyes as he passes.

3 responses to “Collision

  1. it’s official. i am depressed. that was so sad, i feel for him…

  2. willis manning jr.

    that is devastating.

  3. i’ve been checking in to read something from you and i keep reading collision… i can’t help it. i know that when i read it i will undoubtedly feel sad and yet, i read it every time…sigh…

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