Let’s talk…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I communicate, so I decided to rank my communication methods.  The interesting aspect of this exercise is that I unintentionally started ranking people I know.  Here is what I found… (Obviously I left off In-Person on purpose)

1)      Phone Calls – This is my holy grail of communication… it’s not like I won’t accept a phone call but I rarely make them to people outside of family.  If you get a call from me then that means I like you. (You’re in)

2)      Text Messaging – This is the easiest form of communication, I’m usually pretty quick with a reply.  Although “some” people don’t respond with the same type of zip I do, I’ve just learned to live with it. (Oh…Wait… am I being ignored?)

3)      Email – I like email because you can get a lot across and you aren’t limited to 160 characters.  It lacks the instant feedback a phone call gives you, but when I’m writing an email it’s usually a topic of importance… so the wait is okay.

4)      GTalk – I’ve got like 10 people on my GTalk and we talk pretty regularly.  I usually pick their brains or send them the nonsensical thoughts I’m having.  Some pretty intense conversations have taken place on GTalk.

5)      Twitter – I love twitter and the conversations that can happen on twitter.  If I don’t know you personally or in real life, then twitter is great because I get to interact with new and exciting people.

6)      Facebook Chat – This has been on my dislike list because I always end up getting messages from people I don’t want to talk to when I’m “on-line” and I really don’t want to have to make groups… that being said I’m starting to embrace it a little on my phone.  (It’s a time killer!)

7)      MSN Chat – Does anyone ever really use this?  If you contact me on MSN technically I don’t think we’re friends… because if we were you’d realize I don’t ever go on it.

8)      Skype – I hate feeling stuck in front of my desktop computer, all the other forms of communication allow me to be mobile and do other things.  Since I don’t own a laptop, Skype leaves me stranded in front of my computer… I loathe this.

In closing I never go anywhere without my phone so I can usually check all forms of communication whenever they arrive.  I find it funny though that I get annoyed when someone who knows me personally ask me a personal question on twitter.  I always find myself thinking… Why didn’t you just text me?

Anyways, this was just a weird self-reflective observation.  How do you like to communicate?

2 responses to “Let’s talk…

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  2. Communication to me is all about who I’m communicating to. For chatter with close friends…in person, or on the phone. Almost everything else…I prefer online. If we’re making plans…text me or tweet me or fb me because I’m likely rushing from my workout to the shower to getting ready etc. and thus if you text I can respond when it’s easiest whereas if you call…I’ll miss it…have to check the message…and then choose how to contact you back.

    I don’t use any “chat” devices but that’s mainly because of the same problem…I need a stop and go approach to conversations and chats just suck up way too much time.

    And Twitter…well I fucking love twitter. Nuff said.

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