Laugh because crying is so cliche

I toyed with a bunch of different names for this blog post… regardless, this ended up being one of those days that you had to just roll with it. You knew that in a week, a month, a couple years, you’d have a great story to share over beers. What exactly happened you asked?? Well, let me tell you…

Wednesday, January 26th…

I’ve been on and off at the gym but today being a particular important day in my career, I decided that I should hit up the gym before going to work… get energized.

5:15am – Alarm goes off, I second guess myself and contemplate staying in bed but ultimately drag my carcass up.

5:45am – I’m in my car, usually I walk but I was running late so I decided to drive to maximize my workout time.

5:46am – I get stuck pulling out of my back alley, and I don’t me rock back and forth a couple times to get out stuck. We’re talking “proper f**ked” (to quote my UK friend) my two front wheels aren’t touching the ground.

6:23am – After trying to get myself out I decided I better go back to my place to get a shovel.  So I throw my car in park, shut the door and head off to my place.

10 sec later – I realize my keys are still in my car and my car is running.  I try the door… it’s locked.  For the next 2 mins I ponder the gravity of the situation… It’s 6 am, my car is in the middle of the intersection, my spare is in my place, but I’m locked out because my keys are in my locked car.

6:26am – I call my mom and ask her what she thinks I should do… break into my place or break into my car.  Luckily at that exact moment a gentlemen trying go to work was blocked by my car and offered to help. We break into my car, he pulls me out. (I love that man)

So, all this excitement would be too much for some people… right?? Not me, I drink it up… I crave it. (sarcasm)  The reason this was such a big day was because our company got acquired by another one on Monday.  So there’s been a whole lot of uncertainty about going forward…  So that’s why I was getting all pumped for the big day, we were meeting the new big wigs.

11:21am – CFO calls me into her office… I get let go!  My job has become redundant.

Sometimes you’re going to get the shit end of a stick… but in my experience all you can do is laugh… because crying is so cliche.

I think I’m going the mark this day on my calendar and celebrate it every year, seriously might be the best worst day ever!

*first real time post… pardon my grammer

16 responses to “Laugh because crying is so cliche

  1. i’m sorry, that sucks…. is that why you called last night?….

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  3. Oh Turn! I’m sorry to hear this, but thanks for sharing. Love the point when you’re stuck and don’t know what to do leads to you calling your mom. I have that same logic!
    I know several people who have lost their job over the past few months and for some reason, they’re all thrilled! They’re following their dreams! It’s so amazing. My friend Annie was working a dead end retail job with no end in sight and now she is moving to London. My boss was overseeing a company’s U.S. sales and now she’s going to focus on all the things she’s always wanted to do, write a book, focus on her photography and have fun. Ironically, she was at retiring age and her social security benefits kick in and she receives the exact same amount as her base salary was. So perhaps the universe is just in shake-up mode and you stand to benefit from a detour. Or I’d make an excellent horoscope writer. Either way, I’m glad you’re laughing. 🙂

  4. willis manning jr.

    shit son, i like your attitude, it’s a lot like someone i know pretty well

  5. So sorry to hear! I won’t say any of the cliched bs cuz you’re hearing plenty of it right now I’m sure. But know I’m keeping you in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way! And hey, maybe now would be a good time to relocate…maybe to Vermont? XO

  6. Dude, that’s not cool, but laughing seems ironically appropriate. some of the worse times, the way that got me through was laughing it off with my friends. Thanks for posting man,

  7. um. good lord. what a shit-tacular day. sorry to hear it friend.

  8. Wow! I’m sorry about that! Whether you expected it or not it always stirs up a host of emotion! If you’re still able to do so – keep smiling. And keep your head up!

  9. Aww. I JUST read this now. *big hug* Glad you’re smiling, but hoping things improve for you. I couldn’t think more highly of any other Albertan man.

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