Indecision’s Dance

Shes been haunting me ever since I blew my chance

Because I was too busy entertaining indecision’s dance

I’m thinking maybe she like likes me… or maybe not

Should I simmer in my silence or do I go over and talk

Attraction offers directions to a door we can walk through

Right now I’m standing at this doorway contemplating what to do

Her bluish-grey eyes have enveloped me like a tide

And her soft sand colored skin with that scent is a win

She has full bodied lips and dark brown hair

I’m rarely the one to be in public that would stop and stare

Yet we’ve exchanged glances and locked eyes for the briefest of eternities

As she leaves my heart quickens because this shouldn’t end in uncertainty

But shes slipped through my fingers like sand on a beach

And as I leave to go after her, it’s clear she beyond my reach

Now my mind is speculating about all the things that could have happened

If I would have just opened my mouth and opened the door for a reaction

3 responses to “Indecision’s Dance

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  2. Awww… you should have talked to her!

  3. This is so sweet and beautiful. I agree with Stacy, talk to her next time.

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