Determination: My Weapon of Choice

In life you’re always going to have people that doubt you, people that think your goals and aspirations are a little too far fetched and ridiculous.  At the end of the day they can’t match your determination.

I’m a little departure from the rest
You might say I’m extraordinary at best
A reflection of what I dream about being with a resolve you shouldn’t test

Hell,  I’m steely eyed when I sleep
With a passion that burns deep
So when you tell me I can’t do something, it’s those results I aim to reap

Could say I’m unconventionally cocky
Like a lyrically shy Rocky
But between jabs, hooks, and your awkward looks…  I’m rising up out of this monotony

So while I exchange these jeers for cheers
I’ll be like Anthony and ask for your ears
“Leave those unbelieving cynics and those doubtful critics, trust me they’re far from your peers”

Haters belong in your rear view

One response to “Determination: My Weapon of Choice

  1. I dig this.

    Thanks for the reminder…

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