Week 3 of 4 – The Cold

A little delay on my update as I was sick Monday, and then busy last night.  As it gets later and later in the month it becomes exceedingly hard to go out side at

Sooo Cold, Sooo Early

5:30am. Last week I fought off the bitter cold for a couple solid trips to the gym.  I was back on track and feeling great.  Not a whole lot to report, definitely seeing some major progress in the belly region.  Pretty sure I saw an abdominal muscle peek through to see what was up.

I’ve started to get used to not drinking and not eating meat, after a solid three weeks it’s become a way of life and although I have the odd craving,  I don’t miss it.  The most interesting part of it all is going out to restaurants.  You really get a sense of how limited some menus are.  Your main options are between a salad and fries or you can subtract meat from one of the many dishes they have on the menu.

I did find a place that served a very tasty alcohol free German beer.

Alkoholfrei... nuff said!

Just like that I have 6 days left

2 responses to “Week 3 of 4 – The Cold

  1. Congrats on your dedication to the goals you set for yourself this month!

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